The moon popped up in the air (but not hung on)

Unfortunately this was not taken this month for super moon, but was done several months ago.

At that time, I did not carry my tripod with me.  I did not have release either so I set my camera on the low height quay wall and pressed shutter as stopping myself from breathing like frozen meat.

Well, I wished to capture the moon a little in details but still I made myself happy to the outcome, which was below, because the moon was captured big enough and looked its hanging on the roof of Opera House.  On top of it, it went fair for my minimal gears for photographing it at that time.

This was my submission to Leanne Cole’s ‘Monochrome Madness’  this week.  The moon popped up in the air (but not hung on)

Thank you for stopping by.  🙂

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