A lone visitor in Australia Day morning

26th of January is Australia Day and I got a cute lone visitor at my balcony in the morning.

I have Lorikeets stopping by at my balcony sometimes, I guess only when they can not get enough feeding / food at others.  I understand that they go around a pair.  A week ago, I had another pair popped in to my spot and requested me something for them.  I do not hold anything particularly for any birds to eat, so I gave them honey and water.

That morning of 26th, the Lorikeet appeared with no buddy to fly with.  I served honey and water as wondering where your buddy is and hoped this guy was different from the pair that I saw a week ago and is still too young to get a pair to live with.

Interestingly, my two cats Bleu and Shiraz behaved good to Lorikeets on the balcony that they didn’t ramp.  That’s unusual behavioural pattern in them.  In that morning they just gave it stares at over the screen window and Lori moved on the table even to the near side to the screen.  Looks like Lori greeted as if Bleu and Shiraz are its friends.  Guess it stopped by to celebrate the day together, I guess.. 😉

I served honey and water
Lori enjoyed them
…do you want more?

Thank you for stopping by.

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