My first New Zealand 2 : Chasing Trams in Christchurch

My stay in Christchurch was only two days, but trams circulating the city saved me to cut the travel time inside the city.

Tram operations aimed for tourism and Tram operator acted as a guide and explained about Christchurch as driving the carriage.

The classic looking old yet pretty carriage that used a lot of woods on it, was beautiful and was enough to make us feel extra ordinary with a hint of fantasy.

Entry / Exit of New Regent Street Precinct.  Shops, cafes, bars and restaurants were aligned on both sides and tracks for tram were laid on the street.
A tram turned into the precinct.


DSC_0019 (1)
Tram went into Cathedral Junction.
At Cathedral Junction.  Tracks split into two ways.  Right tracks route to heart of Christchurch.  Left tracks lead to tram shed.
DSC_0150 (1)
Tram operator manually switches the route for either direction, using an iron stick (or magic wand..).
A tram departed the stand in front of cathedral (beyond the photo).
Inside the carriage, full of classic goodness.


DSC_0054 (2)
An another tram turning in front of museum.
The tracks leading to tram shed.

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8 thoughts on “My first New Zealand 2 : Chasing Trams in Christchurch

  1. I like the nikau palm statues in Cathedral Junction, also the Regent Street shops which have been nicely restored after the earthquake. It will be a long time before Christchurch is completely restored.

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    1. Thank you Jane. Yes, the statues at the junction was looking symbolic! The restoration process will be a long project and I see some parts in Christchurch have been nicely restored while some parts were not.

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  2. Trams really do give a place character don’t they? Thanks for sharing. I am a Life Coach and also have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about a tram driver in Switzerland in case you have time to look? Have also included the link to my coaching website in case you are interested in seeing this too and do feel free to share with others as many of my sessions are held online via Skype, Facetime or Zoom.

    Sunny greetings from Switzerland,

    Sam 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much Sam for visiting my page. I am glad this coincidence that you have got tram for your poem subject. I have read the poem about the tram driver. I thought that you clipped out and turned the spotlight on to a man who struggles against his life. It was beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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