My first New Zealand 11: Lake Wakatipu ~ Kingston~

Here are photographs of Kingston I took at, where it is at the opposite side from Queenstown over Lake Wakatipu.

Kingston was relaxed and quiet town, where a post office / cafe, a news agency, and Kingston Golf Club support community.

In stead, this beautiful Lake Wakatipu is with them.  The water is literary icy cold because it was ice that flew down from mountains.  When I swam in the lake once after some sports activity in a hot day, it was certainly great but I could not stay in the water for long time. 🙂  Regardless to say, water was clean and crystal clear by the way.

Everyday, every time you glance, the scenery appeared differently, which I was completely ravished.

I hope these photos show you how it was great.DSC_1067DSC_1069DSC_1072DSC_1074DSC_1225DSC_1246

Out of blue, two cute ‘baaa’s appeared.
When i was there, they held 5 days long off-road motor cycle rally out there.  An annoyed bull came off from his territory in the neighbour to ‘raise his voice’.   
The bull had great horns.


‘MOOOOOO!’ – ‘BE QUIET!’ said the bull..
Sheep shearing barn.
Every glance to give, they were different and brought me a fresh impression.
Dead track and disused station building.  They used to operate classic steam train but was abolished along with owner change. 
A only local restaurant that was running on the station building also closed.  People hoped it will be reopen by new owner.


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