Picture frame

I like photographing reflection.  Reflection seen in nature is of course fabulous as always  but reflection seen in urban area / city are great too.

Here are one of recent reflections I caught by the beach.  Morning light made the beach spot nicely reflected on the window(s) of a local restaurant.

Due to the design of the windows and outlook of the restaurant building, which simple square windows just aligned in a row, it reminded me of something like, as if I see images in picture frame, or, images in film neg.  I thought it interesting in either way.

Not sure how you interpret them below, but it will be great you enjoy in any way.

DSC_1788DSC_1787DSC_1786 (1)

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2 thoughts on “Picture frame

    1. Thank you for sharing your view Tracy! Actually I like the first one so much too seen the reflection and bricks had me in marine as a photo in the photo frame. 😊

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