The office building of Chicago Tribune

Another throwback from my drawer, now it’s back in 2012.

This was photographed when I visited my old friend living in a suburb of Chicago last time.  I have made visit her three times in total and I did remember how I was impressed about a lot of skyscrapers in central Chicago.  I thought of Chicago Tribune was one of the best architectures in Chicago at my first visit.  On my last visit, I walked around the area and saw it again, it was still one of the best.  It was absolutely beautiful and majestic.

The friend and I had a chat the other day.  We plan to make another catch up sometime next year.  We have not decided where to catch up at, but I believe that I will be back to see this architecture again if it is Chicago for us to meet at.  🙂

This is my submission to this week’s Monochrome Madness running by Leanne Cole for other photographers and audiences who like monochrome photography.  On every Thursday, part of her blog space is being open for other photographers and their  contributions make a great gallery of monochrome photographs.  🙂


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Some architectural photographs from Tokyo

Here are a little more photos I have taken during my multiple visits to Japan I made this year.  The below were all taken in Tokyo, mainly at Shinjuku.

Like the one I mentioned in my earlier blog, some modern architectures look beautiful and some don’t and I took negative reaction to some of those buildings particularly that were constructed recently (last 5~10 years).

That being said, they are certainly great subject for me to photograph, and I enjoyed taking them somehow, I admit.

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Giant Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office
Annex of Tokyo Metro Gov. Office
RAKUGO theater
A form of residential apartment.
Tokyo Tower has been the icon of Tokyo, but many modern architectures constructed later are way taller than that.
A view from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office.

The presence of modernism

I went to Japan four times this year for various reasons and in ranging from 4 days to 15 days per stay.  First visit of the year was pure holiday and caught up with my family and friends there.  Second and third stay were for some stuff to do which I did not expect in the beginning of the year, and the last stay was for semi-business trip.  On each trip, I took my camera (as always) with me.  I usually take a lot of photographs at the site where I visit and I did on my first trip.  I went out various spots in Japan visiting a friend living in an island off Kyushu.  On my second and third visits, I stayed in Tokyo and was a little bit full on so my range of trekking activity for photography was limited.

There are many photos that were taken at that time left untouched on my drawer.

And I started taking them a look and will  share little by little because some should deserve.

The below photo was taken at Shinjuku, Tokyo.

To be honest, I was not sure as to whether I like this architecture or not.

Is it beautiful or ugly?  :p

All I saw about this building was, that it had a strong presence and somehow photogenic.

This is my submission to this week’s Monochrome Madness running by Leanne Cole for other photographers and audiences who like monochrome photography.  On every Thursday, part of her blog space is being open for other photographers and their  contributions make a great gallery of monochrome photographs.  🙂

Presence of modernism 2

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Wing of ANZAC Bridge loomed out

Sydney has two iconic bridges connecting CBD with suburbs.  One is famous Harbour Bridge and the other is ANZAC Bridge.  The both are beautiful architectures although the figure that architected for each is very different.  Harbour Bridge is very classic suspension bridge with arch, while, ANZAC Bridge is more modern bridge stayed by wires.  The both are really fun to photograph as always.

The photograph below was a wing of ANZAC Bridge that was taken a couple of months ago.  It was when Sydney was in the middle of spring season.  When I took and checked this at first, I wasn’t impressed.  The photo rather looked like plain and boring.

I left this photo untouched, then I took it and gave a look again casually.

Now I like this photo. 🙂

I like this photo because all factors that needed to be in the photo are in there.  I see Australian flag that’s nice flapping due to wind.  Composition looks ok.  On top, Australia’s iconic jakaranda trees set in front with bunch of violet petals.  It’s a good snapshot of spring season captured, I think.  🙂

It will be great to hear from you about how you find it!


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Sydney in transition

I have been in Sydney over ten years and I like this city.  However, I found that the city and surroundings are the worst ever since I moved due to so many sites that are under  developments and construction works going on.

Well, it is not fair manner to describe them ‘ugly’, because Sydney is now in transition stage for a better transport and public services to be available, and hence you will see  construction works taking place almost everywhere, looming out of cranes chang the views.  Sydney CBD and surroundings will be having more rail lines and stations to carry more people efficiently.

Anyway, here are two photos below.  The top photo was taken sometime early this year.  I enjoyed photographing light trails made by trains when they passed, with nice Sydney city view on background.

Recently I went back to the same spot for the first time in a while as I wanted to try once again, then alas, I realized that there is one stalky crane featured just at the center of the frame (shown by the photo at the bottom) I wanted to set.

I gave a couple of shots to see if it ends something interesting, but, I found of myself being bored and I quickly wrapped up the photo time at the spot.  😉   When I will come back to the spot sometime later, the view will be made another change.  I hope I would like the new view I will see next time. 🙂 IMG_7803DSC_0830

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Short exploration after work

Here are some photographs I took yesterday after work.

I went to Redfern to see if there was something interesting to photograph.

Redfern has old warehouses, part of where are renovated and made open for market and some events.

Despite yesterday was Monday, they did some events in the evening and there were more people around, which I didn’t expect.

Being so, still I enjoyed my short photo time before I got to home, and I hope you do with them too.

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Weekend snapshots 2

Here are another batch of photographs I took on a weekend.  This day, it was beautiful and delightful weather outside.  A large cruise ship parked at Overseas Passenger Terminal and many tourists and locals were enjoying under the bright sunlight.  People in the Rocks market were relaxed and in much of joy while strolling among stalls.  People and seagulls at Circular Quay look happy in hanging out around.  Nice weekend vibe brought me smile into my face in capturing candid shots of them.

I hope you will feel some (or all) of that I got at that time from the photos.

Oh by the way, I am technology retard and I just found that I did not enable Comment section on on my blog!  Now it is on.  🙂  So please feel free to leave and share with me.

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Double Rainbow over Sydney city – 帰宅時のシドニーに虹現る🌈

Double rainbow appeared in city just after a short sun shower that fell off at evening commute time.

Such a delightful surprise is more than welcome to happen everyday!!

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The World Of Quadrangle – 四辺形の世界


このブログが目に留まった方、どちらが好きかコメントくださると嬉しいです。 🙂

This one I took in City the other day.

I have zero knowledge about architecture, but I like watching buildings and structures hence I happen to stop from walking all of sudden at the street (or at wherever..) and attempt to photograph a part or whole, in order to clip something unique and the beauty out of them that I see.

I like original one (the one in color) but after I played a bit in processing, I like this monochrome one too.

Whoever stopping by and reading this blog, it will be great to leave which one you like better on the comment section, thanks!  🙂