Sydney in monochrome

This was taken at the same evening as those I had posted in here.

This is my submission to this week’s Monochrome Madness hosted by Leanne Cole.

Monochrome Madness is the community she opens for photographers and audiences who love monochrome / black and white photos.  Here gives me a great opportunity and challenges about monochrome photos.  As it is open community, everyone can participate.  🙂

Version 2

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Murals in Sydney city

One of my submission to WPC last week  was the photo of a weathered mural I had captured in Sydney city while ago.

I had mentioned in my earlier blog, but Sydney and suburbs have been running many demolitions and reconstructions.  It brings more blank spaces after the destruction of old buildings.

Those blank spaces reveal the hidden walls of neighbor buildings.  As we have more spots or gap in the space, I think I start coming across a bit more murals in city.  Some have been there for ages, but some look like even painted in latter years.

I found that recent modern architectures for commercial buildings in Sydney designed to inset more glass windows, so those murals can be seen with rather old buildings.  Finding murals (especially old ones are cool) should be one of little fun to do in walking Sydney city.

Not sure how much those murals are valued by locals, but personally I hope they will remain as long as they can getting off from whatever reconstruction project.



DSC_9338 (1)

DSC_5708 (1).jpg

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A view of Sydney city and suburbs

This was taken in the morning sometime ago.  It was morning and beginning of they day of beautiful Sunday.

Sky was clear and no clouds.  This photo was quite straightforward and no particular source of which makes the image more dramatic.  But I think I well caught the view of Sydney that made me happy to see as always and brought me smile on the face as always.  Hence I like this image that captured the view just as is.

Success 🙂


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Dancing in the summer

I was photographing water flows at Maroubra beach, NSW, while I was waiting for a person to come.

This beach is a rare spot to visit once in a while so it was a fun photography time for me.

This shot was taken near Mahon pool, the rock pool located north side of Maroubra beach.  First I would have stopped by and just photographed some shots of seashore, however, I was completely fascinated by water flows, waves rolled in, breaking….  Gosh, my addict to watching flow of water stuck me at the spot pushing me to keep releasing shutter for taking many shots. 🙂

The top image is my submission to this wee Leanne Cole’s ‘Monochrome Madness’ for this week.  She opens her space for other photographers’ monochrome works every Thursday.  Please stop by to check or participate in for coming week.  Details are on her page.

Version 2

Mahon Rock Pool
I love watching water making strings and flowing down from platforms
Every moment caught differently
Love this one that’s looking like platforms being eroded by the water
A view from the top of north point of Maroubra beach

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What is your name?

On my walking up to and around Barrenjoey Lighthouse, I bumped into this little cute guy.

This is another type to Water Dragons I see near beaches nearby Sydney (i.e. Bondi beach, Manly beach etc).

On the day, I did not have a telephoto lens with me so I had to get closer to it physically.

I made my every step as the best as I could in subtle manner.  I was about to make one more step closer, then this guy turned back and hid under a big rock, and peeked out of the other side of the rock.  The guy stayed still until I begun to make a new step to get closer to it again.  The guy stayed still as if it watched me what I do next.

….Was I played by this guy…?

Probably..!  🙂

By the way, I looked up internet to find which breed this guy belongs to, but its not success.

I should have asked the guy what name / breed it is as shaking hand to greet, before I attempted to photograph…  😉


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The eye of my masters

Because someone had said to me, ‘You have two masters at home’, I will accept my position as not the owner of them but the ‘staff’ of them to take care.  😉

Anyway, I recently have got lens extension kit for smart phone and I started playing with it a bit.  These were taken with a lens for macro shot.

Some of you must have found that they were a little annoyed with me.  Sorry for bothering you, master. x-)

By the way, let me quickly introduce them to you, the gray one named Bleu (boy), and the black one called Shiraz (girl).

The lenses are fun but with my skills, I do need playing with them quite hard.  It is (of course) a full manual including focus set.  I now truly appreciate auto-focus function!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

This is throw back to sometime winter last year.

I came in Blue Mountain national park in an early morning.  Weather was not ideal, it was foggy, misty, and cold.  As we continued our foot to further down to photograph waterfalls, I noticed this wild flower.  They grew out of cracks of rock wall and bloomed with beautiful pink petals.

The scene is still striking to me and, despite there are other photos in stock which may suit the theme ‘Growth‘ better, I still have picked up this image.  😉


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Awaiting departure

This was photographed at Palm Beach at Northern Beaches on one of after Christmas day.  This ferry wharf is for the ferries connecting the Palm Beach with local towns at Central Coast located on opposite shore of the inland sea.

It was a relaxed morning, it was before that the area is being packed with people.  There are only a few groups just started getting their stuff unpacked for their activity, while a couple of people did morning swim.

It will be great if the photo shares the vibe of the calm and relaxed summer morning with you.

This photo is my submission for this week’s ‘Monochrome Madness‘ by Leanne Cole.

Version 2

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Full Moon of the month 1: January 2018

So last night was full moon night.  It seemed be the super moon also.

I like watching full moon and it is almost my monthly ‘ritual’ to look up at her and photograph her, and watch her adorably.

Anyway, from the evening of 1st and 2nd were full moon period.  I haven’t captured full moon at moonrise for months hence I was so eager to do that this time.

I had lots of plans scheduled on first day of 2018, to do hanging with from the early morning for sunrise photography to the following meet up and so on.  I somehow managed to hop out to stop by for a point setting up my camera to wait for the moon to rise.  However, clouds started rolling in and completely covered rising moon.   The top photograph was captured at the time.

Next day, I was wishing to get a chance for catching moonrise in the evening, but storm clouds quickly built up and Sydney got dark with heavy shower.

However, things always have two side.  Bright side of this time to see is that I ran into the beautiful sky scape shown on the middle photograph.  The storm clouds hid moon rise but they showed us this amazing nature art.

Well, I certainly missed the photo of full moon at moon rise, the full moon last night was just beautiful with brighter moon light that’s beamed stronger.

Next full moon is 31st of January.  I will look forward to seeing how I will manage (or fail) to catch the full moon.  🙂

Moon was hidden in the clouds.
Overcast and heavy rain brought by the afternoon storm
DSC_9277 (1)
Clouds were made clear finally..

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