Under winter sunlight ~ ある冬の日の午後 ~

Me: Oi Bleu, what are you looking up?

Ah, you are chatting with Gra-Gra.

Hey buddy! Come out here snd lets take more sunshine! – Graham aka Gra-Gra

What did you guys talk about?

Cheers bud. Am happy to stay here for a bit nap. – Bleu –

Bleu & Graham: Mum, it’s secret..🐾🌳

…. just a serendipitous scene in winter Sunday afternoon.

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Hana and Hanako (Weekly Photo Challenge: Unlikely)

On that day, I met two lovely animals at Yoyogi Park, a large parkland (540,530 square meters) locating in urban area in Tokyo.

One was a french bulldog, called Hana. She is the dog of my friend’s, and I had a good catch-up with them at the park.

Then I met another beautiful yet the unlikely one to see nearby in the park. His name was Hanako. Why he was unusual was because, he was the monkey from Africa banning the export to overseas, and you hence will rarely see the breed in Japan (to be fair for the owner, Hanako came to him before the import was banned).

Hanako was unusual also for its name because Hanako was a name for female in Japan, while, that Hanako was man (not even a boy for his age ;-)).

Anyway, the both Hanas were as relaxed as their owners were and I found of them a kind of lucky to have the big park (with full of green) nearby on their living area.

Here are some photos of them.

Happy Hana smiling all the timeHanako the 40 years old man from AfricaHana loves and is good at playing soccers.Hanako begging to his owner’s friend

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Muttering at departure gate

It’s 8:25pm and final call for boarding will be called soon.

It’s already long day today and I am going to take a 9 hours night flight for to be landed at my destination.

See you Sydney in two weeks. I will miss you 🙂

Hello Japan, stay still and here I come.

I will stop mumbling as moving toward the gate for boarding, with the beautiful morning shot at Manly beach, NSW.

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Flat Rock Creek walking track

Here are photographs I took when I did a good amount of walk at Flat Rock Creek the other afternoon.

North Bridge is a gate in Sydney North Shore from lower to upper.  When I cross the bridge on occasion, a light thrills swells me up largely because of pairs of the beautiful classic pylons.

Flat Rock Creek was streaming underneath the bridge and walk pass leads along with.  It is a nice small nature reserves locating near to residential area.

I wanted to take photographs and I wanted to take photographs of bridges, but that of iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge or ANZAC Bridge.  I then spontaneously grabbed my camera and dashed in there, it was a good choice.

I really had a great time.  It was really great afternoon.

And I hope these photos will share the vibes with you.  🙂

North Bridge at the front
Beneath North Bridge
Small creek made beautiful reflection on the water
Another beautiful refection on the water.
Looking up the bridge
Collaborative art by Bougainvillea and dottys
Little cuties but i dont know their name..

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental

I had to get up very early this morning to get rid of something which I have been looking away for ages (it’s really hard for me to fight over procrastination).

Once I opened blinds in the bedroom, I realised that the morning sky was beautiful so I dashed out to balcony and experimented to see if I could get them see via my phone screen by reflection. Well, I could not set the phone to the best angle and degree to have it reflected the most beautiful clouds in the sky on its screen, I still found that I am still happy with the result which is below.

It was a little fun experimental shooting moment before I got to face the work to be done (and I am writing this as something it had to get rid of was gotten rid, yay!).


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