More from Sculpture by the Sea 2017

A couple of more snapshots from open exhibition at coastal walk.  If you are interested in the other snapshot I had posted earlier, please click here.

I was trying to capture them by my own perspectives.  Portrait of those sculptures / artworks have been covered on their official website so I wanted to make them  looked differently.  😉

It is always interesting for me to interpret and find a message by the artists hidden behind these works.

The beautiful South Pacific Ocean and clouds made those works looking even more dramatic, I thought.  They were being part of the arts, the brilliant backgrounds.

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Under One Sky by Stephen Marr
Plastic Paradise by Kathy Allam
Song of the Aisors by Jock Clutterbuck
The Last Charge by Harry Fasher
Are We There Yet? by Jane Gillings


It was when I went to Leura Cascade in Blue Mountain National Park with a friend in one winter morning.

It was around 7 am when I got the point, and there are only a couple of people I saw in the area.

It was cold, drizzling, and sight was lost because of thick fog covered the mountains, however, it brought such a mystic ambient overall, yes, it was really quiet and beautiful.

We were photographing waterfalls, but I also fascinated these community of vegetation.


This was also posted on Leanne Cole’s ‘Monochrome Madness’ for this week.

I love her blog and ‘Monochrome Madness’, which is a part of her blog but make it open to readers photographers on Thursdays to post their monochrome images on there.

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A tale of whale and silhouettes of dolphins

There are two whale watching seasons coming to Sydney siders every year.  I had boarded on a boat for whale watching, or I grasped binoculars to catch them from high-points nearby ocean, but never managed.

I finally made it seeing a group of them cruising at Byron Bay in an early morning.  We were at Lighthouse and did not have binoculars at that time, but still we clearly caught them in silhouette taking morning sunrise.

With my photography skill yet my telephoto lens I had with me, I could not capture that awesome shot.  However, it was still sensational event that thrilled me enough to stick on my foot at the spot.

Dolphins were captured slightly bigger simply they swum closer to the coast.  The motion of them swimming were beautiful and made me even thought that they were humming in pleasure.  I hope these photos could share those vibrations.

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DSC_7826DSC_7596DSC_7589 (1)

Out of Sculpture by the Sea 2017 – シドニーのボンダイビーチ沿いで開かれる彫刻展から

This photo was taken when I strolled into Sculpture by the Sea held at its coastal walk between the two famous beaches; Bondi and Tamarama.  Every year a number of modern artworks / sculptures were exhibited along with the walk path.

The title is ‘Indivisible’ by Matthew Harding.

Out of Sculpture by the Sea 2

This photo has been posted to ‘Monochrome Madness’ by Leanne Cole for this week yet the theme of the month ‘Out in the Open’.

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Green plaforms by algae – 春!藻が海岸に彩りを添える季節

I like spring season.  The lights are being brighter, tree leaves and plants turn to fresh green, flowers starts blooming as they rush in.

Also you see these green algae cover rock platforms, wrapping them with special blanket.  Some people may avoid as they will make your steps on those platforms more slippery.  Actually yes you have to be very careful, but still it is worth to get closer for me as I am totally fascinated.

These photos were taken at Bondi beach.

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DSC_8098DSC_8074 (1)


A morning tea party by wild flowers

That morning, I was at the coastal walk between Bondi beach and Tamarama beach, where is venue for open-air art exhibition; ‘Sculpture by the Sea’.

At a corner of the path, these beautiful flowers and plants drew my attention.  They even looked like gathering there to have morning group chats as bathing morning sun.  I felt good strong energy from them.  I hope you will find it from the photo too.

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Jakaranda, Jakaranda, oh Jakaranda! – シドニーはジャカランダ満開中!

Jakaranda is fully bloomed in Sydney.  I’d say, it must be one of the best seasons now.  Since my home country Japan has similar symbolic SAKURA Cherry blossom entertain and really remind us of spring is with us.

To me, Jakaranda is somewhat similar in Sydney.

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Urban jigsaw puzzle – one piece mismatching? – 都会のジグソーパズル

Here are photos I took the other day at a corner in Sydney city.

I love (and often chasing to photograph) reflection in general; reflection of clouds on the beach, or reflection made on urban buildings glass windows.

When I saw this scene, it quickly recalled me a jigsaw puzzle, or, …how do you find?

Anyway, this is one of the best part of photography.  The scene at the moment can be  cropped from your perspectives!

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Here I would like to show a part of many snap shots of trees I took during winter season in Sydney, which is now in the middle of high spring season.  Most of them are seen in my neighbors (with rich in green fresh leaves now!), and many of them shouldn’t be rare in plant type / category.

I wanted post them in here since they were in my photo drawers and never came out.

I like watching trees.  They are so expressive, making me calm and relaxed.  I often personified them like humans making some postures (or even speaking to us, haha).

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy these.  Thank you for stopping by.