The office building of Chicago Tribune

Another throwback from my drawer, now it’s back in 2012.

This was photographed when I visited my old friend living in a suburb of Chicago last time.  I have made visit her three times in total and I did remember how I was impressed about a lot of skyscrapers in central Chicago.  I thought of Chicago Tribune was one of the best architectures in Chicago at my first visit.  On my last visit, I walked around the area and saw it again, it was still one of the best.  It was absolutely beautiful and majestic.

The friend and I had a chat the other day.  We plan to make another catch up sometime next year.  We have not decided where to catch up at, but I believe that I will be back to see this architecture again if it is Chicago for us to meet at.  🙂

This is my submission to this week’s Monochrome Madness running by Leanne Cole for other photographers and audiences who like monochrome photography.  On every Thursday, part of her blog space is being open for other photographers and their  contributions make a great gallery of monochrome photographs.  🙂


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Serene morning at the shrine

I would like to share a couple of more photographs out of decent amount that I took at Fujiyoshida Sengen Jinja shrine (富士吉田浅間神社), which I mentioned in my previous blog with a photo (here).

It was a cold morning in early spring season and base areas of Mt. Fuji remained snow unmelted on the roadside.

The photos were caught the path of main (front?) approach of the shrine from the big arch to enter.  I looked back toward the arch and caught the scene at the middle of the path to the shrine behind me.  Number of lanterns aligned on both side of the path wore green cap of moss, which made good contrast of reserved lanterns in colours yet made beautiful harmony with trees behind them.

It was a cold morning in early spring season but the crisp air shook me in the head and gave me a pleasant morning at the shrine to give my greeting to the god.

Looking back the entrance arch at the middle of front approach.
Lanterns wearing cap of moss
‘Temizusha’ the spot to wash your hands before worship.

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The World Of Quadrangle – 四辺形の世界


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This one I took in City the other day.

I have zero knowledge about architecture, but I like watching buildings and structures hence I happen to stop from walking all of sudden at the street (or at wherever..) and attempt to photograph a part or whole, in order to clip something unique and the beauty out of them that I see.

I like original one (the one in color) but after I played a bit in processing, I like this monochrome one too.

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