Under winter sunlight ~ ある冬の日の午後 ~

Me: Oi Bleu, what are you looking up?

Ah, you are chatting with Gra-Gra.

Hey buddy! Come out here snd lets take more sunshine! – Graham aka Gra-Gra

What did you guys talk about?

Cheers bud. Am happy to stay here for a bit nap. – Bleu –

Bleu & Graham: Mum, it’s secret..🐾🌳

…. just a serendipitous scene in winter Sunday afternoon.

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Full Moon of the month 1: January 2018

So last night was full moon night.  It seemed be the super moon also.

I like watching full moon and it is almost my monthly ‘ritual’ to look up at her and photograph her, and watch her adorably.

Anyway, from the evening of 1st and 2nd were full moon period.  I haven’t captured full moon at moonrise for months hence I was so eager to do that this time.

I had lots of plans scheduled on first day of 2018, to do hanging with from the early morning for sunrise photography to the following meet up and so on.  I somehow managed to hop out to stop by for a point setting up my camera to wait for the moon to rise.  However, clouds started rolling in and completely covered rising moon.   The top photograph was captured at the time.

Next day, I was wishing to get a chance for catching moonrise in the evening, but storm clouds quickly built up and Sydney got dark with heavy shower.

However, things always have two side.  Bright side of this time to see is that I ran into the beautiful sky scape shown on the middle photograph.  The storm clouds hid moon rise but they showed us this amazing nature art.

Well, I certainly missed the photo of full moon at moon rise, the full moon last night was just beautiful with brighter moon light that’s beamed stronger.

Next full moon is 31st of January.  I will look forward to seeing how I will manage (or fail) to catch the full moon.  🙂

Moon was hidden in the clouds.
Overcast and heavy rain brought by the afternoon storm
DSC_9277 (1)
Clouds were made clear finally..

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A piece of work of the day 10

I have had a second workshop of the year last night.

Wow, my creative side is getting more active at the time of 2017 is coming to end!  I found this great as it is being a good warm-up for making my 2018 art projects run with fair start.  next year.

I feel that I am back.  Yes, I feel that my energy is coming back really.

I wasn’t able to open a sketch book to draw something until sometime three or four months ago.   I didn’t want to set my pastels to draw.  I wasn’t excited at such a huge variety of colour charts that lined up in front me and pick up the best colour suiting my mood / vibration at the time to express.

Now I feel that I am back finally.

Workshop is always fun and leaves me something to learn which is great.  It is fun because even if participants followed my sample work at the beginning, the drawing motion drove them to tap to get their imagination and inspiration awaken and always ended up their unique beautiful piece.  It inspires me more to go.

Well, I regularly post my new arrival on MY Pastel By Macquie on Facebook or Instagram so it will be great if you peek in.  🙂

Evening workshop.
Pastel works by participants.
My sample drawings making two patterns with one same template.

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A piece of work of the day 9

A snapshot of my pastel drawing work I was done yesterday.  The image came to back of my head last week when I smelled at a custom blend essential oil for aroma therapy.

The oil called ‘Ho’oponopono’.

Ancient Hawaiian exercises the practice of forgiveness / reconciliation.

The scent was certainly brought me a relaxed and gentle feeling.  🙂

Well, to extend a bit about my pastel technique, it was my first time to draw turtles with pastel (or almost with anything to draw).  I would like to repeat a couple of more to draw about them better.  😉


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Wing of ANZAC Bridge loomed out

Sydney has two iconic bridges connecting CBD with suburbs.  One is famous Harbour Bridge and the other is ANZAC Bridge.  The both are beautiful architectures although the figure that architected for each is very different.  Harbour Bridge is very classic suspension bridge with arch, while, ANZAC Bridge is more modern bridge stayed by wires.  The both are really fun to photograph as always.

The photograph below was a wing of ANZAC Bridge that was taken a couple of months ago.  It was when Sydney was in the middle of spring season.  When I took and checked this at first, I wasn’t impressed.  The photo rather looked like plain and boring.

I left this photo untouched, then I took it and gave a look again casually.

Now I like this photo. 🙂

I like this photo because all factors that needed to be in the photo are in there.  I see Australian flag that’s nice flapping due to wind.  Composition looks ok.  On top, Australia’s iconic jakaranda trees set in front with bunch of violet petals.  It’s a good snapshot of spring season captured, I think.  🙂

It will be great to hear from you about how you find it!


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Large and smalls – Traffic congestion over Sydney Harbour

I went down to Circular Quay this week after-work to take some photographs.

Quay becomes busy toward the summer with having cruise ships to call for port.

That early evening, there was one ship at Quay and was about on the departure.

This time, Sydney harbour is even more congesting with traffic, but I enjoy watching them because cruise ship makes an obvious contrast with all the rest at the Quay and harbour in size.

I enjoyed photographing them with giving a bit of melancholic eyes to her (I mean, the cruise ship) for the immediate farewell (even though she returns regularly and you will see her soon!).  Yeah, generally I am not good at facing the scene of farewell sending off people and/or transports thats gone off (and I don’t know why).

Anyway, I hope those photos will share with you about the mood as to how time goes by differently between the cruise ship and the local ferries and boats. 🙂


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A beautiful Sunday

This morning I grabbed my camera and took a short walk with it. I first was going to get out for my routine morning walk (a fast walk) but I saw beautiful sky over the window in my bedroom, I changed my plan because I thought I should go with (and for) camera.

Here are some snapshots I took on foot.

It was very pleasant morning and I hope they help you to find it. 🙂


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Sydney in transition

I have been in Sydney over ten years and I like this city.  However, I found that the city and surroundings are the worst ever since I moved due to so many sites that are under  developments and construction works going on.

Well, it is not fair manner to describe them ‘ugly’, because Sydney is now in transition stage for a better transport and public services to be available, and hence you will see  construction works taking place almost everywhere, looming out of cranes chang the views.  Sydney CBD and surroundings will be having more rail lines and stations to carry more people efficiently.

Anyway, here are two photos below.  The top photo was taken sometime early this year.  I enjoyed photographing light trails made by trains when they passed, with nice Sydney city view on background.

Recently I went back to the same spot for the first time in a while as I wanted to try once again, then alas, I realized that there is one stalky crane featured just at the center of the frame (shown by the photo at the bottom) I wanted to set.

I gave a couple of shots to see if it ends something interesting, but, I found of myself being bored and I quickly wrapped up the photo time at the spot.  😉   When I will come back to the spot sometime later, the view will be made another change.  I hope I would like the new view I will see next time. 🙂 IMG_7803DSC_0830

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Short exploration after work

Here are some photographs I took yesterday after work.

I went to Redfern to see if there was something interesting to photograph.

Redfern has old warehouses, part of where are renovated and made open for market and some events.

Despite yesterday was Monday, they did some events in the evening and there were more people around, which I didn’t expect.

Being so, still I enjoyed my short photo time before I got to home, and I hope you do with them too.

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You are my companion today.

It’s raining outside and I am sick and stay in the bed.

You are my companion today.

Thank you Jakaranda for coming another week full bloomed.

You are my companion today.

What shall we talk about by the window?


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