Murals in Sydney city

One of my submission to WPC last week  was the photo of a weathered mural I had captured in Sydney city while ago.

I had mentioned in my earlier blog, but Sydney and suburbs have been running many demolitions and reconstructions.  It brings more blank spaces after the destruction of old buildings.

Those blank spaces reveal the hidden walls of neighbor buildings.  As we have more spots or gap in the space, I think I start coming across a bit more murals in city.  Some have been there for ages, but some look like even painted in latter years.

I found that recent modern architectures for commercial buildings in Sydney designed to inset more glass windows, so those murals can be seen with rather old buildings.  Finding murals (especially old ones are cool) should be one of little fun to do in walking Sydney city.

Not sure how much those murals are valued by locals, but personally I hope they will remain as long as they can getting off from whatever reconstruction project.



DSC_9338 (1)

DSC_5708 (1).jpg

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A view of Sydney city and suburbs

This was taken in the morning sometime ago.  It was morning and beginning of they day of beautiful Sunday.

Sky was clear and no clouds.  This photo was quite straightforward and no particular source of which makes the image more dramatic.  But I think I well caught the view of Sydney that made me happy to see as always and brought me smile on the face as always.  Hence I like this image that captured the view just as is.

Success 🙂


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