Dancing in the summer

I was photographing water flows at Maroubra beach, NSW, while I was waiting for a person to come.

This beach is a rare spot to visit once in a while so it was a fun photography time for me.

This shot was taken near Mahon pool, the rock pool located north side of Maroubra beach.  First I would have stopped by and just photographed some shots of seashore, however, I was completely fascinated by water flows, waves rolled in, breaking….  Gosh, my addict to watching flow of water stuck me at the spot pushing me to keep releasing shutter for taking many shots. 🙂

The top image is my submission to this wee Leanne Cole’s ‘Monochrome Madness’ for this week.  She opens her space for other photographers’ monochrome works every Thursday.  Please stop by to check or participate in for coming week.  Details are on her page.

Version 2

Mahon Rock Pool
I love watching water making strings and flowing down from platforms
Every moment caught differently
Love this one that’s looking like platforms being eroded by the water
A view from the top of north point of Maroubra beach

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

This is throw back to sometime winter last year.

I came in Blue Mountain national park in an early morning.  Weather was not ideal, it was foggy, misty, and cold.  As we continued our foot to further down to photograph waterfalls, I noticed this wild flower.  They grew out of cracks of rock wall and bloomed with beautiful pink petals.

The scene is still striking to me and, despite there are other photos in stock which may suit the theme ‘Growth‘ better, I still have picked up this image.  😉


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Awaiting departure

This was photographed at Palm Beach at Northern Beaches on one of after Christmas day.  This ferry wharf is for the ferries connecting the Palm Beach with local towns at Central Coast located on opposite shore of the inland sea.

It was a relaxed morning, it was before that the area is being packed with people.  There are only a few groups just started getting their stuff unpacked for their activity, while a couple of people did morning swim.

It will be great if the photo shares the vibe of the calm and relaxed summer morning with you.

This photo is my submission for this week’s ‘Monochrome Madness‘ by Leanne Cole.

Version 2

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Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites

Here are my 2017 favourites; the photos caught sunrise at Byron Bay Lighthouse in September.  I missed to catch but saw silhouette of whales and dolphins up and down on the ocean that took morning sunlight.  It’s like they were dancing.

I took many photographs this year and I really like some of them, but eventually I could not get other photos beaten these.

It was spectacular morning. 🙂

Watching sunrise at Lighthouse
Byron Bay Lighthouse at sunrise
Sunlight reflecting over the ocean

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Serene morning at the shrine

I would like to share a couple of more photographs out of decent amount that I took at Fujiyoshida Sengen Jinja shrine (富士吉田浅間神社), which I mentioned in my previous blog with a photo (here).

It was a cold morning in early spring season and base areas of Mt. Fuji remained snow unmelted on the roadside.

The photos were caught the path of main (front?) approach of the shrine from the big arch to enter.  I looked back toward the arch and caught the scene at the middle of the path to the shrine behind me.  Number of lanterns aligned on both side of the path wore green cap of moss, which made good contrast of reserved lanterns in colours yet made beautiful harmony with trees behind them.

It was a cold morning in early spring season but the crisp air shook me in the head and gave me a pleasant morning at the shrine to give my greeting to the god.

Looking back the entrance arch at the middle of front approach.
Lanterns wearing cap of moss
‘Temizusha’ the spot to wash your hands before worship.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ascend

This is my submission to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Ascend.

When I stepped into the centre of this tree bunch to look up above, it realised me how little me attempting to find out how big they are, its non-sense right.

They live way longer than me and that’s enough to be respected that they have been at the shrine over four hundred years ago (or earlier or later of the period).

This was photographed at Fujiyoshida Sengen Jinja Shrine, Yamanashi, Japan.  It’s  located at base of Mt. Fuji.


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The presence of modernism

I went to Japan four times this year for various reasons and in ranging from 4 days to 15 days per stay.  First visit of the year was pure holiday and caught up with my family and friends there.  Second and third stay were for some stuff to do which I did not expect in the beginning of the year, and the last stay was for semi-business trip.  On each trip, I took my camera (as always) with me.  I usually take a lot of photographs at the site where I visit and I did on my first trip.  I went out various spots in Japan visiting a friend living in an island off Kyushu.  On my second and third visits, I stayed in Tokyo and was a little bit full on so my range of trekking activity for photography was limited.

There are many photos that were taken at that time left untouched on my drawer.

And I started taking them a look and will  share little by little because some should deserve.

The below photo was taken at Shinjuku, Tokyo.

To be honest, I was not sure as to whether I like this architecture or not.

Is it beautiful or ugly?  :p

All I saw about this building was, that it had a strong presence and somehow photogenic.

This is my submission to this week’s Monochrome Madness running by Leanne Cole for other photographers and audiences who like monochrome photography.  On every Thursday, part of her blog space is being open for other photographers and their  contributions make a great gallery of monochrome photographs.  🙂

Presence of modernism 2

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Wing of ANZAC Bridge loomed out

Sydney has two iconic bridges connecting CBD with suburbs.  One is famous Harbour Bridge and the other is ANZAC Bridge.  The both are beautiful architectures although the figure that architected for each is very different.  Harbour Bridge is very classic suspension bridge with arch, while, ANZAC Bridge is more modern bridge stayed by wires.  The both are really fun to photograph as always.

The photograph below was a wing of ANZAC Bridge that was taken a couple of months ago.  It was when Sydney was in the middle of spring season.  When I took and checked this at first, I wasn’t impressed.  The photo rather looked like plain and boring.

I left this photo untouched, then I took it and gave a look again casually.

Now I like this photo. 🙂

I like this photo because all factors that needed to be in the photo are in there.  I see Australian flag that’s nice flapping due to wind.  Composition looks ok.  On top, Australia’s iconic jakaranda trees set in front with bunch of violet petals.  It’s a good snapshot of spring season captured, I think.  🙂

It will be great to hear from you about how you find it!


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Large and smalls – Traffic congestion over Sydney Harbour

I went down to Circular Quay this week after-work to take some photographs.

Quay becomes busy toward the summer with having cruise ships to call for port.

That early evening, there was one ship at Quay and was about on the departure.

This time, Sydney harbour is even more congesting with traffic, but I enjoy watching them because cruise ship makes an obvious contrast with all the rest at the Quay and harbour in size.

I enjoyed photographing them with giving a bit of melancholic eyes to her (I mean, the cruise ship) for the immediate farewell (even though she returns regularly and you will see her soon!).  Yeah, generally I am not good at facing the scene of farewell sending off people and/or transports thats gone off (and I don’t know why).

Anyway, I hope those photos will share with you about the mood as to how time goes by differently between the cruise ship and the local ferries and boats. 🙂


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The moon popped up in the air (but not hung on)

Unfortunately this was not taken this month for super moon, but was done several months ago.

At that time, I did not carry my tripod with me.  I did not have release either so I set my camera on the low height quay wall and pressed shutter as stopping myself from breathing like frozen meat.

Well, I wished to capture the moon a little in details but still I made myself happy to the outcome, which was below, because the moon was captured big enough and looked its hanging on the roof of Opera House.  On top of it, it went fair for my minimal gears for photographing it at that time.

This was my submission to Leanne Cole’s ‘Monochrome Madness’  this week.  The moon popped up in the air (but not hung on)

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