A piece of work of the day 29 ~ abstract drawings inspired by the grid ~

Oh again, I do not remember when I did this kind of drawing work last time.

This went for a friend’s birthday.

And the grid I introduced here drove me my drawing finger as it gets (yes, my pastel works are drawn by fingers most of part), actually it went OK to express my love to him.

久しぶりのパステルワークを友人宛の誕生日カードに。どんなものを描こうかとすぐにイメージが湧きませんでしたが、こちらで紹介した今回の 石のグリッド から何となくヒントが得られて、このような一枚になりました。



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

I think every lives on the earth are to be transformed.  Even minerals and gems will  transformed themselves during thousand of years.

We transform too, of course.  We transform not only on the physical level but happen on the our mind and souls level too.

But I have no idea how to express it via photography.  I was thinking as chatting with yet enjoying a bit of cheese with wines.


Ah yes, this is also a form of transformation.  On top, they are delicious and they make me happy.  😉

This is how I have chosen the photo below for my entry to this week’s challenge.


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