Arizona beauty

Aerial views of Arizona geography I watched on the fright from Houston to Tucson.

Well, I do not have sufficient / enough vocabulary to describe how beautiful they are, so I will skip to try in here.  😉

They just froze me having my face stuck on the window to look the amazing world spread underneath..

And this is my contribution to this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge #32: Shadows hosted by Tina Schell.


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Aerial view of Sydney

Here are some lucky shots of Sydney city and suburbs I managed from return flight from Japan.

I was on the isle seat but luckily there was no one next to me on the window seat, I was granted to use two seats straight.

Oh hey Sydney!
Oh hey Sydney
Royal National Park approaching on my right.
Royal National Park is approaching on my right.

I am not that keen for photography with drone, but still it is a big joy to view the world from high point.

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