The Laughing Kookaburras

The lovely couple perched on the tree branch i passed by on my morning walk. They must have been romantic and humming or even chatting about the impeccable summer day that just began. Yes they bursted out laughing,😊 æ°—æŒăĄă‚ˆăæ™Žă‚ŒăŸæˆ–ă‚‹ć€ăźæœă€ă‚Šă‚©ăƒŒă‚­ăƒłă‚°é€”äž­ă§èŠ‹ă‹ă‘ăŸćŻæ„›ă„çŹ‘ă„ă‚«ăƒŻă‚»ăƒŸăźăƒšă‚ąă€‚ćŒă˜æ–čă‚’èŠ‹ăȘăŒă‚‰ă€äœ•ă‚„ă‚‰ć›ăćˆă†ăźă‹ăšæ€ă„ăă‚„ă€æœŸćŸ…ă‚’èŁćˆ‡ă‚‰ăȘいè±Șćż«ăȘ笑い(鳮き)ćŁ°ă€‚ăă†ă ă€ă“ă‚ŒăŒćœŒă‚‰æ”ăźć›ăă ăŁăŸăźă‹ă‚‚ăšă“ăĄă‚‰ă‚‚çŹ‘éĄ”ă«ă€‚â˜ș Thank you for stopping by.

A lone dragon stays aloft

…or this guy is on duty patrolling the coastline, perhaps.. This photo is not great because the angle that I caught him stayed at the edge of the cliff,  also caught the rock platform in straight line, and it made the his presence assimilated in background.  Oh well, I could not help it as thereContinue reading “A lone dragon stays aloft”

Are you a good photographer?

….That’s what I thought the seagull was asking me. This was a lucky shot as it just turned to me when I trained my camera on it. …Thank you for turning to my camera frame.  I am not a good photographer I am afraid, but If you happened to have a chance to see thisContinue reading “Are you a good photographer?”

A lone visitor in Australia Day morning

26th of January is Australia Day and I got a cute lone visitor at my balcony in the morning. I have Lorikeets stopping by at my balcony sometimes, I guess only when they can not get enough feeding / food at others.  I understand that they go around a pair.  A week ago, I hadContinue reading “A lone visitor in Australia Day morning”

A piece of work of the day 12

New arrival on today. As always, no clear subject or theme present in my head as to what to draw, but some sense had me made this.  The below is a snapshot of developing the work. A complete one is posted on my Instagram account and will be shared on my Facebook page too. DespiteContinue reading “A piece of work of the day 12”

A black swan on the pond

This was taken at Centennial Parklands sometime ago in the afternoon.  While strolling in the vast space of the park, which was big enough for me to explore for a short time only before I went to next place, I ran into number of birds such as ducks, Australian white ibis, and black swans andContinue reading “A black swan on the pond”