My first New Zealand 3: Christchurch

So here are a little more photographs I took at Christchurch while hopping on and off the trams.  I understood that they have been taking years long restoration process coming through since 2011 quake.  Some area were rebuilt while some area were in progress, or left as empty lots, which looked like as if time was stopped on the spot.

What impressed me though was that there were number of murals / street arts presented in Christchurch next to those spaces or gaps.  It’s like the city was like art gallery.  It looked like as if the arts took the mission thats for filling those empty spaces and gaps by those unique art works, which it could have made people despair if there were’t at all.

Some spots were heartbreaking to see for me, but at the same time, I felt people’s energy and pride via those stuff.

It was devastating to see Christchurch Cathedral.
Cathedral on the front. It was impressive to see doves perched on the iron frame.


There are many murals / street arts


Botanic Gardens


Version 2
Beautiful huge pine tree.
Avon River streaming through Botanic Gardens.  It was busy creek with tourists and ‘locals’.
A local, or duck on the hunting
Cardbox Cathedral.  When I visited, church choirs were on the practice before next Mass.
More arts


I felt energy of people in Christchurch by these murals.

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My first New Zealand 2 : Chasing Trams in Christchurch

My stay in Christchurch was only two days, but trams circulating the city saved me to cut the travel time inside the city.

Tram operations aimed for tourism and Tram operator acted as a guide and explained about Christchurch as driving the carriage.

The classic looking old yet pretty carriage that used a lot of woods on it, was beautiful and was enough to make us feel extra ordinary with a hint of fantasy.

Entry / Exit of New Regent Street Precinct.  Shops, cafes, bars and restaurants were aligned on both sides and tracks for tram were laid on the street.
A tram turned into the precinct.


DSC_0019 (1)
Tram went into Cathedral Junction.
At Cathedral Junction.  Tracks split into two ways.  Right tracks route to heart of Christchurch.  Left tracks lead to tram shed.
DSC_0150 (1)
Tram operator manually switches the route for either direction, using an iron stick (or magic wand..).
A tram departed the stand in front of cathedral (beyond the photo).
Inside the carriage, full of classic goodness.


DSC_0054 (2)
An another tram turning in front of museum.
The tracks leading to tram shed.

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My first New Zealand 1 : Akaroa

Now I am back home from fantastic New Zealand.  12 days were too short to cover South Island but I believe our itinerary was planned very well.  🙂

Anyway, I took a lot of photos and am excited at posting some of them in here.

We arrived at Christchurch at night and went to Akaroa next day.

Akaroa was colonized by France and England.  The small town remained a lot of flavor of France which you could see in outlook of shops,  fire station and so on.

The weather was far to ideal for sightseeing, but while taking a cruise boat for inner harbour, lights were back.   Anyway, it will be great if you enjoy!

Old carriages and tracks at abolished Little River station, which we made a short stop on our way to Akaroa.
DSC_9794 (1)
Town of Akaroa and inlet afar
Pier under the cloud.

DSC_9812 (1)

DSC_9800 (2)
Memorial for the founder of Akaroa
The local butcher.  Tricolors outlook represented the taste of France.
Cruise ship anchored off the pier.  Passengers take into small boats to get on the ground.
There were number of seals nested on the lower cliffs, but it was hard to capture them from the boat and with my photo skills…
Lights were back.
The pier under sunlight brought me different impression.

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Hands of hope

I took some photographs of graffitis / murals in Christchurch, and this was one of them.

This was my first visit to Christchurch but even I found that the level of damage of the quake it hit them in 2011 was left in city in in every aspect, and one of which was that there are still a lot of vacant lots occupied in the central Christchurch. Restoration process should need them to take time by many reasons. My hope and thought is at them.

What impressed me there was that there were a lot of street arts and murals in the center of Christchurch, as if they filled up emptiness with the arts. I would like to post more when I am back.

This is my submission to Monochrome Madness by Leanne Cole.

Monochrome Madness is the community she opens for photographers and audiences who love monochrome / black and white photos.  Here gives me a great opportunity and challenges about monochrome images.  As it is open community, everyone can participate.  😊


Touched down on NZ

I am writing this in Christchurch. I finally made it to be in NZ! It’s already past midnight and I am a little tired but I am awaken as thrilled.

This holiday was planned to happen months earlier but postponed to now due to some reasons.

This photo was taken over Tasman Sea.

It was pretty sunset color. It is the privilege for those who seat by the window. 😉

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