Happy New Year

I hope 2019 came with bringing smiles and peace to you.

I took a flight to Japan on 30th of Dec at night, to spend new years eve and day with family there.  My first week of 2019 was past as fast as giving one blink.

It was certainly short holiday, and despite the fact that it was really cold there (yes it was to me!) that it was in the range of -1 to 10 deg C, I was clear, energetic and had a great time.  I forgot to take photos in many occasions during the stay, but here are some I caught.

I am glad to be back in here, and I will look forward having more sharing and exchanging photos and journals with you ahead!

Sunrise at the airport on arrival day
An aircraft descending toward runway.
A shrine for a goddess is at the back of the pond in the park.
The entrance of the shrine.
Wash your hands (and rinse your mouth) here before you pray.
Heads of Shinkansen fast rail services at Tokyo station
Shy Mt Fuji finally showed me her snow capped beautiful head behind the clouds.
Japanese feast for celebrating new year.
‘Zohni’ mochi, chicken, sliced fish cakes, and vege soup.

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Snaps at The Grounds of Alexandria

Here are a couple of snapshots I took at The Grounds of Alexandria, one of Sydney’s most famous and successful cafes.

They opened sometime 5 or 6 years ago in the concept of ‘organic fresh from the garden to the table’ ( something like that, I thought…) and became popular quickly.

My lazy character trait and crowd hatred nature, however, took me this long to visit them.  We went there quite early in one beautiful winter morning.  It was still quiet with less people at that time.  Actually, their serving coffee was good and breakfast was delicious.  The former warehouse has good space for them to make the cafe premises the nice farm styled amusement space.  There was no doubt why they are so popular.  The Grounds are great spot for both locals and tourists.  By the time we finished our breakfast, the site was getting much busier with crowd (as expected).  I was lucky to have took some photos before they were filled with people.

For more details about them, here is the link; https://thegrounds.com.au/

Anyway, it was a lovely morning cafe time I had. 🙂

They seem be very popular for wedding ceremony and reception also.
There were a few stalls preparing for ‘farm fresh’ products displayed on.   This stall was for fruits.
This stall was for freshly baked breads and sweets.


The florist.  They were lovely but the cotton was the best as I had posted in here.

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