Happy 2020 ~ 明けましておめでとうございます ~

Happy new year my WP friends.  Best wishes to you all for 2020 and the next decade.

Sydney missed new years day sunrise.  The beamed summer sun appeared occasionally between overcast, but it was muggy and hot day.

I can not write much at present, but I blessed that I got new years day healthy and safe.

Well, I am going to do more posting in here in 2020.  🙂



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Good Friday picnic at Cremorne Reserve

I recently wrote a post about Cremorne Reserve as my favourite place.

I went there on Good Friday to join a picnic to celebrate friend’s big year birthday.

It was really nice day.  Sydney got summer back on all weekend.  The picnic size were just right for six adults and one girl, and one six months baby.  We made a great catchups with good laugh.

Here I would like to post some photos of the scenes I captured..

It was summery Good Friday at Cremorne Reserve.
Sneak shot of family of my friends.
My favourite family snap of them.
Party boat played loud music, which was big enough to annoy us a bit on the reserve point.
Captured one out of the two cruise ships anchored was on departure.
Sydney ferry got a lot of passengers at Cremorne Wharf and got to return to Circular Quay.

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Sydney Harbour at sunrise 1

One morning I got up early to catch some moment of Sydney Harbour at sunrise.  I think I took some photos fanatically, and I will start posting them in here.

I see always a good beginning of story at Sydney Harbour, something like, the day has begun or, the life changes from static to dynamic.

Anyway, here are that I caught the sunrise at the harbour over the little lighthouse.

Coming, coming…!
I m always glad to see you again!
Every moment sees the scene differently!
Some golden sparkles caught

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A cruise ship on departure

I am not particularly a fan of cruise ship or ferry to photograph, but I have to admit that I capture them in my photography regularly.

Yeah, I admit that I simply get thrilled at watching those machines, especially to those which are in motion.

Mmm..but I am not excited at watching buses in motion..

Anyway, here are photographs of a large cruise ship on departure, when the ferry I boarded just left Circular Quay Wharf.

Again I was thrilled at the ship.  I was thrilled simply because I do not often see those large one in motion nearby.

The middle photo below, I wished I could took it somewhat better but my lens reached to the limit as wide as it could, in addition to my composition skills.  😉

Still, I enjoyed witnessing the traffics happening at Circular Quay and Sydney Harbour like I always do.  Every time you watch something a unique scene in the traffic that brought me some kind of joy to watch, but I can’t find it similar when I witness traffic on the road ( I mean, mostly at busy streets rather).

The cruise passing under Sydney Harbour Bridge led by tugboat.
I wished to get both of Opera House and Cruise ship in framed but part of the ship was cropped out..!
Passengers gathered on the rear deck of the boat, which they could see Harbour Bridge on their front.

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A beautiful Sunday

This morning I grabbed my camera and took a short walk with it. I first was going to get out for my routine morning walk (a fast walk) but I saw beautiful sky over the window in my bedroom, I changed my plan because I thought I should go with (and for) camera.

Here are some snapshots I took on foot.

It was very pleasant morning and I hope they help you to find it. 🙂


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