The post box at the top of the mountain

Throwback to 2015, photographed when I went to Mt. Asamayama, Mie pref. Japan.

Mails and cards thrown into the post box are collected and deliver to addressed destinations.

This post box model had been retired (I am pretty sure but sorry if I lied) and disappeared in most of places in Japan, but I enjoyed watching this nostalgic box stood at the top with mountain with blue sky in the background.  I see this post has witnessed and collected number of stories and romances for decades.

Isn’t it a romantic?

The post box was named ‘天空のポスト’ = Firmament Post Box.  The other sign was for mountaintop.

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A piece of work of the day 17

This is my latest ‘a piece of work of the day’ which hasn’t been done in a while.

There is no title, or, I’d name it ‘Mind mirroring’.

I have been a bit suffering from my psoriasis that had been reacting so hard on my both hands since this year.  I could not find what prompted me to get, but my hands got totally ugly in look, depressed me in heart, burned me in feel as they were inflammatory, hysterically (yes it is!) itchy, easy to break, and I could not sleep well.

I know it was only excuse but that kept me away from drawing because I could not focus on drawing enough and my epidermis became extremely thin and fragile once I got such a reaction.  I was suffering from manipulating my fingers to do something with.

Anyway, so my hands needed intensive care and I had to have observing myself in the closest manner.  And it actually inspired me to draw something like below for the first time.

I am very good at driving my delusion to expand, and it urged me to express something like ‘hands are mirroring your mind’ kind of things more or less.

I had rarely drawn hand(s), especially with pastels, and I was not done well this time hence, but I found it fun to do somehow and it is now added to my ‘to draw’ list for more try.  🙂


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A Prime seat at a beach – 或るビーチに設えられた特等席

This photo was taken at a local beach in Sydney north shore in one early winter morning.  I was there aiming for photographing sunrise.

This bench is popular among visitors but this morning was not as it was still very early in the morning.

That morning was actually fantastic, not only because that I saw a beautiful sunrise at the point, but also that air was fresh, quiet, and surrounded in a total calmness.  There were only a few locals who did morning walk or morning swims / kayaking.  The world was turning to gold as sun came up and started being warmed by.  It will be great if these photos share the vibration and energy that I felt there with you.

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Prime seat at the beach


Double Rainbow over Sydney city – 帰宅時のシドニーに虹現る🌈

Double rainbow appeared in city just after a short sun shower that fell off at evening commute time.

Such a delightful surprise is more than welcome to happen everyday!!

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私の初ブログ – A part of my exploring journey















下は オーストラリアのバイロン・ベイ(Byron Bay, NSW, Australia) でのスナップです。海が、というより自然が本当に美しくていくら見ていても飽きませんでした。

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