Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

Look up the roof of the boat shed. It’s filled with beautiful lines for beams and roofing, oars, bear-framed kayak.. This is my submission for this week’s challenge. Thank you for stopping by.

Out of water

Boats were disembarked on the ground.  Thick clouds bringing shower behind them got to rolling in. This was photographed from a view deck of TranzAlipine railway in NZ.  It was a simple snapshot of an ordinary scene, but I like how the clouds behind boats made the shot a bit more dramatic. This is myContinue reading “Out of water”

Waterfall at Milford

When the cruise boat I was aboard approached to the biggest waterfall at there, I was quite excited and clicked shutters many times, as I remember. The flow of exuberant amount of water produced beautiful lines leading down to the bottom. I was just keen to capture them while releasing shutters. I made one ofContinue reading “Waterfall at Milford”

Secret Meeting

Two boys walked away from a group of people and started talking quietly at a backdoor… This snapshot was taken at a farmland in Kingston, Otago, New Zealand.  The farmland was open for a 5-days long motor cycle rally when I was there.  The land opened one of barns to the public for ‘Food andContinue reading “Secret Meeting”

My first New Zealand 12 (final): Lake Wakatipu ~ Queenstown~

So after a couple of days basking time at Kingston, we moved to Queenstown.  We did some touristry things but my camera left only photos of Lake Wakatipu in memory card. 12 days intense itinerary struck me, healed me, and brought me full of joy. I would like to be back again.  I hope myContinue reading “My first New Zealand 12 (final): Lake Wakatipu ~ Queenstown~”

My first New Zealand 11: Lake Wakatipu ~ Kingston~

Here are photographs of Kingston I took at, where it is at the opposite side from Queenstown over Lake Wakatipu. Kingston was relaxed and quiet town, where a post office / cafe, a news agency, and Kingston Golf Club support community. In stead, this beautiful Lake Wakatipu is with them.  The water is literary icyContinue reading “My first New Zealand 11: Lake Wakatipu ~ Kingston~”

My first New Zealand 10: Milford Sound

Milford Sound was another highlight of the trip.  It was on my ‘To Go’ list for a long time so I was excited at the day has come for me. The way you explore or conquer the area should be done in various ways.  A tourist from US I met in Akaroa camped for threeContinue reading “My first New Zealand 10: Milford Sound”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Out of This World

This photo is actually a repost of that I had introduced on my earlier blog. I was walking at a lake in NZ last month, which gave me a great opportunity to touch a part of grand eco-system of nature at the site.  I was struck and was reminded while walking that how beautiful eachContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Out of This World”