Upside down in winter lights

There is a local park nearby my family’s place.  They have the shrine for the goddess of prosperity and growth, and who also is regarded as protecting the park entirely.

I walk in the park when I am at family place, almost everyday, morning or afternoon, ..sometimes even both.

These were caught when I was on my way home from somewhere and was passing the park for taking shortcut.

It was cold but very gentle afternoon, that there was almost no wind that would have stroked the surface on the pond.

This is my belated contribution to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge last month.


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Stillness on off duty time

This was photographed at a local park in Tokyo where my family house locates nearby.

It was rather still early and the recreational boats were all rested at small bay on the pond.

The boats interested me as subject to catch because of their gathered form which was nicely aligned.  I took some photos from various angles.

This photo was my contribution to this week’s

Monochrome Madness this week hosted by Leanne Cole.

Monochrome Madness is the community space she opens for other photographers and audiences who love monochrome / black and white photos. Here gives me a great opportunity and challenges about monochrome images. As it is open community, everyone can participate.

By the way, the pond had Swans boats too.  They also beautifully parked in a row.  I would like to post the photo of them soon.

Off duty hours

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Which photograph do you like better?

These two were photographed at Hyde Park in Sydney.  I went to this particular spot in the park 3 times in 2 weeks because I struggled with determining the composition, which I had not even thought about it.  I just had a rough image in my head as to what I would capture, so I stopped by the spot one clear evening after work.  I had my camera but I did not have tripod.

Once I checked the all photos I took at home, I found that they were all under satisfactory quality, most of which were caught unstable or inconsiderate angles.

So, I returned to the spot in my earliest possible evening to do, which was a week after from my first shooting.  This time I did not forget my tripod to bring with, and I took number of photos with no worry about image stability.

I loaded all the photos I took at home and checked them, then, I realized that every single shot missed something.  For example, one did not have enough background (sky) as space so Sydney Tower looked stuck and tight on the top, while, another one chopped off the fountain hence total balance was lost in the image, etc, etc….

I was urged to be back next day, but it was raining and further to the next day I had another plan to do, so I had to wait until another free evening to have clear sky back on.

Well, third time, I had my camera (ticked), I had my tripod (ticked), and I also carried another spare lens at the spot.  Actually the spare one ended up to make me satisfied for taking the scene.

Voila, these were the best two of the spot after I visited three times (or I’d say, so far?).  🙂

There is one more question leaves me, that is which shot looks better?  For this one, I would like to have a help of you.  🙂

Well, I can hear you saying ‘It depends on what did you intended to capture’.

Of course that is.

But, I am still curious about your reaction / response in terms of which image you like it (or to say, comfort you), because these two should give you a little different impression though they shot at only 2 meters distance each other, so…

Your feedback is appreciated. 🙂


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Chasing reflection on the morning stroll in the Park

I took a morning stroll in the nearest park from my mother’s house.  It was pleasant warm morning that a mild cool and dry breeze stroked my cheeks gently yet you could feel early summer that was being right next to you.

The park has a pond in the center of the premises. It’s being busy with boats and swan boats ‘cruise’ around by visitors during day time.

The one I saw in the morning was incredible, the surface on the pond was sleek smooth as if a mirror installed on the pond. 🙂  Sometimes the mild breeze stroke raised small ripples on the surface of the water.  Evert ripples produced different touch on the water and objects of which were reflected on were seen with various effect.

It was the morning making me proud of myself for catching up this beautiful world of fresh green, on the last day with the perfect weather.


Boats off duty


Parked swan boats that will be busy later.


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