A lone dragon stays aloft

…or this guy is on duty patrolling the coastline, perhaps..


This photo is not great because the angle that I caught him stayed at the edge of the cliff,  also caught the rock platform in straight line, and it made the his presence assimilated in background.  Oh well, I could not help it as there was a fence laid between us and I concluded that I could not train my lens in better position than this.

Also, often my daydreaming head get a mini story in the head, when I catch non-human lives with my eye-balls.  Earlier the day before I caught this dragon, I saw the three seagulls at the local beach, and I instantly came up the idea to put them the role as Lifeguard ( please also in here ).   They were charmers driving me nuts developing trifle short stories in the head (and I certainly love doing that ;-)).

Version 2

[Edit: 28/10/2018]

Thank you for WordPress friends for sharing your views to the photo of the dragon!

I took back to the image and gave it try a bit more edit, which turned to this.

I am happy with this in hue, contrast, and composition.  🙂


Anyway, thank you for stopping by.

Sydney Harbour at sunrise 2

Here are more photographs taken in the same morning as that I had posted on my previous blog. Well, these are rather ‘behind the scene’ kind of photos as to what I witnessed beyond the lens caught sunrise as shared earlier.

When I arrived at the spot, first cruise ship was just cruised in Sydney Harbour toward her anchorage spot over Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Sydney skyscrapers were taking first light before sunrise hence the view looked a little dramatic and made me feel Sydney is awakening.

Once I turned my glance to the east (which was opposite to CBD), second cruise ship was just arriving at Sydney.

I am not that particularly fan of boats and ships, however, I admit that they certainly find me some degree of elegance in motion.  So while I paid my attention to the point where the sun arising, I could not resist staring at the ships respectively.   The second ship anchored after the sunrise and Sydney city and suburbs taking reflections of morning sunlight.

I also like these photos because every single image caught Sydney CBD in different colours and tone.  It will be great if I made it to share about my thrills well as I experienced in the morning.  I always enjoy various scenes to view and capture with my camera as I know every beautiful moment lasted only a minute or less.

I posted photos of sunrise over the lighthouse earlier, which was good, but now I was keen to show another little story that I saw at the harbour which many people in Sydney must have missed.

First guest of the day arriving at Sydney in subtle manner before sunrise
Second guest appeared in Sydney Harbour
DSC_9376 (2)
It is always fun to see the contrast of multiple objects in physical size from various perspectives.


Second guest anchored next to Opera House.  It was after sunrise

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