Happy 2020 ~ 明けましておめでとうございます ~

Happy new year my WP friends.  Best wishes to you all for 2020 and the next decade. Sydney missed new years day sunrise.  The beamed summer sun appeared occasionally between overcast, but it was muggy and hot day. I can not write much at present, but I blessed that I got new years day healthyContinue reading “Happy 2020 ~ 明けましておめでとうございます ~”

Coastal blue

I would like to share a couple of images I photographed a couple of months ago.  At that day I had an early appointment near Bondi first in the morning.  I could have left the area after the appointment but I checked my time and found that I could squash short photography time before gettingContinue reading “Coastal blue”

Internal, external

This was taken last month on the same day at Chowder Bay. I processed this in monochrome in order to make the half-open window with a glimpse of outside outstanding in the photo.  First I thought I processed it too dark for my usual works, but then I thought that it ended up fair forContinue reading “Internal, external”

A summer day at Chowder Bay

So here are a few more photos I took at Chowder Bay a couple of weeks ago.  Yes, I had more than one image which I had posted in my earlier blog.  🙂 Time flies, January was gone already.  February is not as good as January for bathing in Sydney (in my opinion).  Chowder Bay hasContinue reading “A summer day at Chowder Bay”

Awaiting departure

This was photographed at Palm Beach at Northern Beaches on one of after Christmas day.  This ferry wharf is for the ferries connecting the Palm Beach with local towns at Central Coast located on opposite shore of the inland sea. It was a relaxed morning, it was before that the area is being packed withContinue reading “Awaiting departure”

Short photography time at Bondi

These were taken on rock platforms laid along the path for Bondi Tamarama Coastal Walk (please refer to here for the coastal walk).  I had had an appointment in the morning at Bondi Junction and I extended to the beach after the appointment. I rarely visit this Sydney’s most famous beach, simply because it is aContinue reading “Short photography time at Bondi”