End of blue hour

This photograph was one of the earliest shots I released at sunrise photography on Sunday, while the previous photo was taken end of photography time.

I saw twilight along horizon and I was thrilled.  Dawn till sunrise is always special for me as it ensures me feel new energy of ‘beginning’, which makes me easy to release anything annoying / negativity that occupies me in the mind and reminds me a new start.

Well, generally I wake up fairly early in the morning and spend a few minutes viewing the sky at balcony (and greet).  Being so, seeing the moment of the sun popping up from horizon is somewhat different.

Anyway, here is one for today and I hope this photo is ok to tell about what the serene Sunday morning I felt was like.


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A lone yacht in the morning sunshine

I went to Manly beach again on Sunday morning to capture sunrise.  It was overcast at start, but luckily I ended up seeing the sun emerged.

The below photo was taken while I was waiting for a coffee shop to open for having my first cup to go with on my way back.

The clouds left the shapes unchanged and let morning light shed on the ocean, while the sole sailboat which I first noticed on the left slowly moved in to the center.

It was really nice coincidence to run into such a picturesque scene.


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Dramatic clouds

Today is the last day of Daylight Saving Time in Sydney and I kicked my bum to start my day a bit earlier to photograph sunrise at a beach, because this is last chance for taking advantage of sunrise seen in ‘late’ time (now it’s at past 7am, but from tomorrow it should be at past 6 am).

So I went to Manly beach for it but unfortunately I could not see the moment where the sun popping up from the ocean as it was a little cloudy.  In stead, however, the sun showed me its face between layers of clouds lied over horizon, which produced beautiful ray of lights followed by.

This is why I can not stop photography.  There is always something to happen out there.  In the very beginning at the beach, I certainly did not see sunrise as I had wished, but it ended up because I saw another form of beautiful morning sky like below.

Well, usually I do not submit my participation twice for one subject of the challenge, but I will exceptionally allow myself to break my rule and make them my second entry for this week Weekly Photo Challenge:  Rise/Set (first entry is here).

I think these photos deserve it, and I hope you will enjoy them too..


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Sydney Harbour at sunrise 2

Here are more photographs taken in the same morning as that I had posted on my previous blog. Well, these are rather ‘behind the scene’ kind of photos as to what I witnessed beyond the lens caught sunrise as shared earlier.

When I arrived at the spot, first cruise ship was just cruised in Sydney Harbour toward her anchorage spot over Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Sydney skyscrapers were taking first light before sunrise hence the view looked a little dramatic and made me feel Sydney is awakening.

Once I turned my glance to the east (which was opposite to CBD), second cruise ship was just arriving at Sydney.

I am not that particularly fan of boats and ships, however, I admit that they certainly find me some degree of elegance in motion.  So while I paid my attention to the point where the sun arising, I could not resist staring at the ships respectively.   The second ship anchored after the sunrise and Sydney city and suburbs taking reflections of morning sunlight.

I also like these photos because every single image caught Sydney CBD in different colours and tone.  It will be great if I made it to share about my thrills well as I experienced in the morning.  I always enjoy various scenes to view and capture with my camera as I know every beautiful moment lasted only a minute or less.

I posted photos of sunrise over the lighthouse earlier, which was good, but now I was keen to show another little story that I saw at the harbour which many people in Sydney must have missed.

First guest of the day arriving at Sydney in subtle manner before sunrise
Second guest appeared in Sydney Harbour
DSC_9376 (2)
It is always fun to see the contrast of multiple objects in physical size from various perspectives.


Second guest anchored next to Opera House.  It was after sunrise

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Sydney Harbour at sunrise 1

One morning I got up early to catch some moment of Sydney Harbour at sunrise.  I think I took some photos fanatically, and I will start posting them in here.

I see always a good beginning of story at Sydney Harbour, something like, the day has begun or, the life changes from static to dynamic.

Anyway, here are that I caught the sunrise at the harbour over the little lighthouse.

Coming, coming…!
I m always glad to see you again!
Every moment sees the scene differently!
Some golden sparkles caught

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

I feel good silence in early morning hence I picked up the below two images for my entry for this week’s theme: Silence .

The both were taken in 2017 and still kind of most impressed view I came across in my multiple early morning photography.  🙂

Sydney just before sunrise.
It was post full moon morning at Byron Bay.  I appreciated the clear sky, which let me capture in last minutes before the moon set.

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Peeking ray of light in the morning

These are the snapshots of my lucky morning to witness this nice ray of light a couple of days ago.

At that time, it was not overcast but clouds continued building its form to the direction where the sun rising, and I think I saw this state rather longer than I had thought of being able to.  And it was like, as if the sun and clouds were competing against each other for to sit on a front position.

Well no, they did not compete against but they worked together to show us this beautiful ray of light, I believe.  🙂

DSC_9329 (1)DSC_9332


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A Prime seat at a beach – 或るビーチに設えられた特等席

This photo was taken at a local beach in Sydney north shore in one early winter morning.  I was there aiming for photographing sunrise.

This bench is popular among visitors but this morning was not as it was still very early in the morning.

That morning was actually fantastic, not only because that I saw a beautiful sunrise at the point, but also that air was fresh, quiet, and surrounded in a total calmness.  There were only a few locals who did morning walk or morning swims / kayaking.  The world was turning to gold as sun came up and started being warmed by.  It will be great if these photos share the vibration and energy that I felt there with you.

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Prime seat at the beach