At Houston Airport

I arrived at George Bush International Airport a little earlier than the scheduled in the morning.  My next flight to Tucson was supposed to fly off  in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

The reality was that my flight took off 6 hours delay.

The more waiting time gave me more opportunity to stroll the airport terminal to snap them.

I like airport generally.  Airport is quite special place (to me) that produces dynamic movement of people who have various background in origins, crossing at the site for the destinations they head for their various travel purposes. I enjoyed myself at Houston Airport for the same reason.  Announcements in the airport called in both English and Spanish was one of what I did not catch in Sydney Airport and it made me ensure about myself a traveler or a stranger there, which was good.

Anyway, here are some of photos I snapped at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (the hub domestic flights if I understood right).

I felt good vibe throughout the time I was there.

Oasis for the passengers awaiting for boarding
Version 2
Perching at the counter
Version 2
Get to moving
Version 2
Fast, fast..!
A concourse connecting terminal blocks


Hello Mr Bush

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Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #19: Magical Light

I went to Waikiki beach every day at sunset during my short stay at Honolulu in September.  I photographed the sunset beach in many shots and this is one of them.

As we all know, every sunset is different that you will appreciate on the day, and which would be different from the one you saw yesterday.  And this was one of the reasons  why it kept me back at the beach every day.

This is my first contribution to Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge.


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A lone dragon stays aloft

…or this guy is on duty patrolling the coastline, perhaps..


This photo is not great because the angle that I caught him stayed at the edge of the cliff,  also caught the rock platform in straight line, and it made the his presence assimilated in background.  Oh well, I could not help it as there was a fence laid between us and I concluded that I could not train my lens in better position than this.

Also, often my daydreaming head get a mini story in the head, when I catch non-human lives with my eye-balls.  Earlier the day before I caught this dragon, I saw the three seagulls at the local beach, and I instantly came up the idea to put them the role as Lifeguard ( please also in here ).   They were charmers driving me nuts developing trifle short stories in the head (and I certainly love doing that ;-)).

Version 2

[Edit: 28/10/2018]

Thank you for WordPress friends for sharing your views to the photo of the dragon!

I took back to the image and gave it try a bit more edit, which turned to this.

I am happy with this in hue, contrast, and composition.  🙂


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This was literally the first shot I took in Gold Coast.

We took a very early flight (departed Sydney at 6:10am) and put our luggage onto the accommodation to head to a local cafe (a particular cafe which my friend loves) for the breakfast.  I caught this on our way to the cafe walking along the beach.

I thought this photo was as good in contrast of bright yellow of Life Guard shed in the bright blue sky.  Then I turned it into black and white, and found it good too.

Can you see the skyline of high-rise buildings?  The symbolic Surfers Paradise skyscrapers never get absent its existence, but it actually helped me to make my photo a little bit unique in perspectives.  Yes, they are caught in frame in number of photos I took in GC.  😉  I will share a few more in later posts…


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Place in the World

The theme for this week’s challenge is difficult, but is a good chance to look at myself in terms of where is my place in the world.

I was born and had spent all my life in Tokyo until I moved into Sydney.  Tokyo is still the place where I attach and I make regular visits even now.  I still have some favours to some parts of Tokyo for sure.

I however have a complex view to Tokyo also, and when I look at them, I get another name of the place back of my head.

It is Fukushima.

The name of the place became famous due to the accident at nuclear plant.  They have been producing energy for other regions / prefectures and Tokyo is of course one of the top consumers of them.  People in Fukushima had to abandon their home when the accident happened and some of them are yet to be back even now.  We are still rely on them for electricity without developing fundamental changes in infrastructure to replace in producing energy. My (or our for all the people there) safety / security in Tokyo comes at expense of them.

I am not going to rant about politics / government of Japan in here, but I hope we all stare at the fact that Fukushima is not over.  Well, it is common subject for urban life that that their life are consisted of sacrifice of other places and locals for power supply, but with full of respect and thanks, I hope the life of Fukushima and its recovery process will be continued to ease them from sufferings.

On closing, I would leave photos of which I took at the view deck of Haneda International Airport, Tokyo.


By the way, Sydney is my current home I would say.  🙂

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My first New Zealand 10: Milford Sound

Milford Sound was another highlight of the trip.  It was on my ‘To Go’ list for a long time so I was excited at the day has come for me.

The way you explore or conquer the area should be done in various ways.  A tourist from US I met in Akaroa camped for three nights.  I too would like to do it next time, but this time I was very happy with a day tour that took us aboard the boat to cruise the fjord.


That’s the boat we will get on..
DSC_1113 (1)
Life is good..
Two climbers on the wall.
End of inlet reaches for Tasman Sea.
Number of falls were seen.


The boat approached one of the largest fall on the route.


DSC_1180 (1)
It was fabulous to see the bottom in close distance.  Totally got wet but was worth it.


Outside the fjord were sequence of splendid views.


Unrelated to Milford, but I thought it was nice view that spotlight by the sun lit over the sheep on the plain.

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