Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

Urban sunset.

I want to see sun rise/set at somewhere open space, but that is made possible mostly  when you ‘plan’ to do, a kind of.  Or you will have to satisfy yourself to view them in a limited sky or space framed by buildings and architectures.  You may be blocked by something moving objects.

These were photographed at Harbour Bridge, Sydney.

Busy traffic with many cars, busy public transports carry massive amount of passengers packed in their carriage.  On the side, another number of cyclists crossing each other on the cycle path along with main road on the bridge.   On the other side of the path, another group of health conscious people running / jogging / walking as having earphones put on their ears.

All was busy in that afternoon likewise, but behind all that scenes, the sun was making the subtle but gorgeous set-in show for closing the day.

Good bye for today and I will look forward seeing you again in tomorrow morning.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

There are several spots I call them ‘my favorite place‘, but Cremorne Point Reserve, Sydney, will be one of the top of them.

I go to the place at sunrise and sunset, in the morning and afternoon.  I see Sydney city straight from the point and I have seen them so many times, but I have never got bored as they are showing me different gorgeousness each time I see.

The Reserve has walking path which enables you to enjoy views both on Sydney city side and on inlet of north shore.  It is also great to switch on/off my head.

Sun came up over Robertsons Pt Light.
Sydney city taking early morning sunlight.
A Sydney ferry approaching to Cremorne Point Wharf.
Sydney city at sunset.  It is when city gets turning to goth mode.
Bottom of Robertsons Pt Light is popular point for early morning fishermen and seagulls.
The opposite side of city view.  It is quiet and is hidden goodness.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…

I’d rather be inspired by you.

Every day, every hour, every minute, every second.., you create amazing art of nature.

I always wish if I could capture what you produce with my camera, even just a bit of them .

And it is really big challenge which has no goal to achieve.

But I can not stop from taking camera with me and photographing around, because

I am inspired by you, mother earth.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Story

This photograph was taken ages ago at a local beach, and I liked it so much because the photograph caught the couple and their happy vibration they created as walking toward the beach well.  I was made in happy mood as photographing them and I had posted it on Instagram with caption ‘Just us’, with a bit of tweaks done.

I did not get a chance to come back on the photograph once in a while, but as soon as I saw Daily Post for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Story , I came it back straightway.  This photo was not taken aimed for particular subject originally, but I still think it suits the theme.


How did you find it?  🙂


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Out of This World

This photo is actually a repost of that I had introduced on my earlier blog.

I was walking at a lake in NZ last month, which gave me a great opportunity to touch a part of grand eco-system of nature at the site.  I was struck and was reminded while walking that how beautiful each of little lives and livings were.

I think this is (though not only this) the out of the world and is the masterpiece produced by mother earth.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: A Face in the Crowd

This is a photograph of a crowd for weekend Market at The Rocks, Sydney.

It was morning and people just started gathering for checking the market.  Some people seated and enjoyed coffee and stuff.

This is my entry for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge .

By the way, I had posted photographs of crowds that were crossing street sometime ago.  I am not going to reblog but this could suit the theme as well. DSC_0979

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme

This is my submission for this week’s Challenge; Variations on a Theme.

Collection of three bridges in Sydney and suburb.

ANZAC Bridge is wired-stayed bridge and Long Gully Bridge and Sydney Harbour Bridge are suspension type.  The architectural approaches reflected the year of their open are different hence I found it interesting in seeing and passing each of them.

ANZAC Bridge
Long Gully Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

I feel good silence in early morning hence I picked up the below two images for my entry for this week’s theme: Silence .

The both were taken in 2017 and still kind of most impressed view I came across in my multiple early morning photography.  🙂

Sydney just before sunrise.
It was post full moon morning at Byron Bay.  I appreciated the clear sky, which let me capture in last minutes before the moon set.

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