Sunset at Centennial Parklands

These were photographed sometime beginning of summer last year.  I headed down to Centennial Parkland after work.  I arrived at the park a little late and I had only an hour and plus a bit minutes to the dusk.  I trotted across the park trying to photograph as much as I could.  A couple of photos (here and here) I had introduced in my old posts were taken at the time.

Luckily I caught scenes at sunset.

It was breath taking minutes.  It stopped me from making move and my feet were stuck on the ground completely.

I came back to myself and I trained my camera to the scene, then, I noticed that there were two ducks near me who were busy with pecking the ground for dinner.  One of them stopped from pecking and stared at the sunset for seconds.  This coincidence brought me smile to the face, because we certainly shared the moment witnessing the sunset, even though the duck would have not recognized at me watching the sunset together.

It was a nice little episode and was made a nice memory.

The duck on my left stared at the sun setting in (well, to me, it looked like doing so..)

Thank you for stopping by.

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