Muttering at departure gate

It’s 8:25pm and final call for boarding will be called soon.

It’s already long day today and I am going to take a 9 hours night flight for to be landed at my destination.

See you Sydney in two weeks. I will miss you 🙂

Hello Japan, stay still and here I come.

I will stop mumbling as moving toward the gate for boarding, with the beautiful morning shot at Manly beach, NSW.

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This photograph was taken almost a year ago at Freshwater beach, NSW, along to other shots I had taken together with this one.

I caught the path in this photo which led toward a park and cafes, while, I caught it looking toward the beach in the other one.

I had kept this photo just in my drawer because I was not sure if I liked this photo for the composition I did, which, the path was not set in the center of the frame.  I remember why I took from this angle because I did not like what I saw on the left in the scene and I wanted to keep it out of the image, and I liked the bright clouds on the top right leading down to the center of the image.

And on top of it, this photo recalled me the lovely morning that I had on that day, which was worth enough to do, loading camera stuff and surf board on a car to drive up to the beach and caught the things with them.  It was just before the beach was being packed with people so it was the best time to play at.  IMG_8113

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A morning on the beach

Another photo taken at Manly beach.

I like the way how a surfer came into the frame.  The guy nicely made himself in a silhouette due to the water with sunlight.

This is my submission to this week’s Monochrome Madness by Leanne Cole.

Monochrome Madness is the community she hosts for other photographers and audiences who love monochrome / black and white photos.  Here gives me a great opportunity and challenges about monochrome images.  As it is open community, everyone can participate.

A morning at the beach


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A lone yacht in the morning sunshine

I went to Manly beach again on Sunday morning to capture sunrise.  It was overcast at start, but luckily I ended up seeing the sun emerged.

The below photo was taken while I was waiting for a coffee shop to open for having my first cup to go with on my way back.

The clouds left the shapes unchanged and let morning light shed on the ocean, while the sole sailboat which I first noticed on the left slowly moved in to the center.

It was really nice coincidence to run into such a picturesque scene.


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Picture frame

I like photographing reflection.  Reflection seen in nature is of course fabulous as always  but reflection seen in urban area / city are great too.

Here are one of recent reflections I caught by the beach.  Morning light made the beach spot nicely reflected on the window(s) of a local restaurant.

Due to the design of the windows and outlook of the restaurant building, which simple square windows just aligned in a row, it reminded me of something like, as if I see images in picture frame, or, images in film neg.  I thought it interesting in either way.

Not sure how you interpret them below, but it will be great you enjoy in any way.

DSC_1788DSC_1787DSC_1786 (1)

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Dramatic clouds

Today is the last day of Daylight Saving Time in Sydney and I kicked my bum to start my day a bit earlier to photograph sunrise at a beach, because this is last chance for taking advantage of sunrise seen in ‘late’ time (now it’s at past 7am, but from tomorrow it should be at past 6 am).

So I went to Manly beach for it but unfortunately I could not see the moment where the sun popping up from the ocean as it was a little cloudy.  In stead, however, the sun showed me its face between layers of clouds lied over horizon, which produced beautiful ray of lights followed by.

This is why I can not stop photography.  There is always something to happen out there.  In the very beginning at the beach, I certainly did not see sunrise as I had wished, but it ended up because I saw another form of beautiful morning sky like below.

Well, usually I do not submit my participation twice for one subject of the challenge, but I will exceptionally allow myself to break my rule and make them my second entry for this week Weekly Photo Challenge:  Rise/Set (first entry is here).

I think these photos deserve it, and I hope you will enjoy them too..


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My first New Zealand 7: Afternoon snapshots at Fox Glacier

After we got back from the glacier tour, there was a little spare time until dinner so I grabbed my camera and got out of the room to capture the area in the afternoon.

Sun was sinking to the west end which the light and clouds created lovely mood and tone all over the area.  Yes, it was just the scenery how I like to see in the afternoon.

Next day, we needed to depart and drive down to further south for next destination, but I wished if I could have stayed Fox another day or two.


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My first New Zealand 1 : Akaroa

Now I am back home from fantastic New Zealand.  12 days were too short to cover South Island but I believe our itinerary was planned very well.  🙂

Anyway, I took a lot of photos and am excited at posting some of them in here.

We arrived at Christchurch at night and went to Akaroa next day.

Akaroa was colonized by France and England.  The small town remained a lot of flavor of France which you could see in outlook of shops,  fire station and so on.

The weather was far to ideal for sightseeing, but while taking a cruise boat for inner harbour, lights were back.   Anyway, it will be great if you enjoy!

Old carriages and tracks at abolished Little River station, which we made a short stop on our way to Akaroa.
DSC_9794 (1)
Town of Akaroa and inlet afar
Pier under the cloud.

DSC_9812 (1)

DSC_9800 (2)
Memorial for the founder of Akaroa
The local butcher.  Tricolors outlook represented the taste of France.
Cruise ship anchored off the pier.  Passengers take into small boats to get on the ground.
There were number of seals nested on the lower cliffs, but it was hard to capture them from the boat and with my photo skills…
Lights were back.
The pier under sunlight brought me different impression.

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