Full Moon of the month 1: January 2018

So last night was full moon night.  It seemed be the super moon also.

I like watching full moon and it is almost my monthly ‘ritual’ to look up at her and photograph her, and watch her adorably.

Anyway, from the evening of 1st and 2nd were full moon period.  I haven’t captured full moon at moonrise for months hence I was so eager to do that this time.

I had lots of plans scheduled on first day of 2018, to do hanging with from the early morning for sunrise photography to the following meet up and so on.  I somehow managed to hop out to stop by for a point setting up my camera to wait for the moon to rise.  However, clouds started rolling in and completely covered rising moon.   The top photograph was captured at the time.

Next day, I was wishing to get a chance for catching moonrise in the evening, but storm clouds quickly built up and Sydney got dark with heavy shower.

However, things always have two side.  Bright side of this time to see is that I ran into the beautiful sky scape shown on the middle photograph.  The storm clouds hid moon rise but they showed us this amazing nature art.

Well, I certainly missed the photo of full moon at moon rise, the full moon last night was just beautiful with brighter moon light that’s beamed stronger.

Next full moon is 31st of January.  I will look forward to seeing how I will manage (or fail) to catch the full moon.  🙂

Moon was hidden in the clouds.
Overcast and heavy rain brought by the afternoon storm
DSC_9277 (1)
Clouds were made clear finally..

Thank you for stopping by.

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