Lunar eclipse and Blood (full) Moon in July

I finally made it witnessing the astro-show in the early Saturday morning of the full moon weekend.

As far as I remembered, this was not the first lunar eclipse this year.  The first one was held in January in the midnight in Sydney (or Australia) time, but at that night, weather was not favored to us Sydney-siders, that the thick clouds rolled in in the afternoon and it was not cleared off even at midnight after all.  I remember of myself so disappointed at how it turned out, that Sydney was the only city in Australia where missed the eclipse at  that night.

This time, again, I was hence worried if I missed it again, because the forecast first said that Sydney / NSW coastline was not clear at night to next day.  🙂

On Saturday, I woke up at 4:30am, which was already in the middle of the eclipse on the phase, but I slept again until 5am (hahaha).  My initial plan was to go and meet the buddy at Observatory Hill, but eventually we went to a local park where the impact by the light pollution was not that bad.

One more point as to why July full moon was special, this time the Moon and Mars had rose and appeared together and seen very closely as each other.  By the time they moved to the west before the dawn, and the distance of them each other was wider, but still the both was making good companions for the night.  My weekend was just good enough by opening with photographing the special full moon and also enjoyed beautiful beams when she came back on the evening sky on the following evening.

Addition on 31/07/2018:  I made this post my belated participation to  RDP#57: MOON

When I reached for the park, the eclipse came to the end of partial eclipse phase and the light light of the Moon was disappeared at the bottom.


Still a bit annoyed with urban lights, but still appreciated to see Mars on left above the Moon.
This is full moon on the following evening.

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