Looking over..

The Strand Arcade from top floor.  I took a opportunity to hang around for photography.  The window display post  I had done yesterday was found in here.

I often become indecisive to which photograph I post and the below is one of them.

So I post the both and please let me know which one do you like better.  🙂

DSC_2187 (1)DSC_2187

Thank you for stopping by.

5 thoughts on “Looking over..

    1. hehe, thank you for your warm reply Tracy. I am often being indecisive not being able to choose the best one. Thats how people dont like me going for a shopping together :p

    1. Thank you Jane! Actually I thought I took the light successfully into this photo, and the tone of the red of corridors appeared to be a bit chic and warm. 🙂

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