Doors over the doors (and over..) – ドアの向こうにドア(そしてその向こうに..)

‘Door/Doors’.  This is the theme of the month by Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness.  And below is my submission.

She is a professional fine art photographer, and I started participating into the community under MM because it gives me a very good opportunity to work for monochrome photography, which I did not really touch them before.  I like taking landscape pictures but somehow I always had got a feeling of limitation in expressing what I see in colours with monochrome, which is untrue.

The community is excellent that many participants submit beautiful works every week.  I am inspired and learned from them each time.  For those who stop by and read this, it is recommended to check her page and participate in too!

プロフェッショナル・フォトグラファーのLeanne Cole氏のページの中に、読者(フォロワー)の投稿からなるモノクロ写真のコミュニティーがあります。Monochrome Madness (リンクは上記からクリックしてください)というそのページは、毎週木曜日に彼女のブログの中で紹介されます。




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