Weekend snapshots 2

Here are another batch of photographs I took on a weekend.  This day, it was beautiful and delightful weather outside.  A large cruise ship parked at Overseas Passenger Terminal and many tourists and locals were enjoying under the bright sunlight.  People in the Rocks market were relaxed and in much of joy while strolling among stalls.  People and seagulls at Circular Quay look happy in hanging out around.  Nice weekend vibe brought me smile into my face in capturing candid shots of them.

I hope you will feel some (or all) of that I got at that time from the photos.

Oh by the way, I am technology retard and I just found that I did not enable Comment section on on my blog!  Now it is on.  🙂  So please feel free to leave and share with me.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today.  🙂



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