My first New Zealand 9: Down to Wanaka

So after Lake Matheson trekking, we drove to next destination named Wanaka.  It was long drive, took us roughly six hours to get there.  Well, long drive let me gave me more chances to see more dazzling sceneries.

Along Haast River streaming through on the border of West Coast and Otago division have number of scenic points to stop by for waterfalls.

But once our Toyota passed on route six and saw the beginning / end of Lake Wanaka, then Lake Hawea followed by, I was made speechless.   The both lakes just laid there with purist water of deep blue.

Pit stop at Bruce Bay.  The area was damaged by heavy storm hit there several days before we passed.  Trees were inclined and fell down, gravels and pebbles were minimally cleaned to the aside of the road.


Roaring Billy Falls.
At Roaring Billy Falls.  The falls is after you made a short walk through the forest.
Another hidden beauty out of mother nature.
Thunder Creek Falls.


At Haast River.
A snapshot at a camp site stopped by for another pit stop.


Lake Wanaka


Water is incredibly blue, clear, and clean.
Lake Hawea.
So still, so deep..
In the morning, they were dozing… at Lake Wanaka.


Wanaka Tree.  Felt energy from it which was stronger than I had imagined from number of photos I had seen from SNS…
A snapshot of Queensberry.
Off Wanaka, passing Queensberry in the middle of the route toward Queenstown.

Thank you for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “My first New Zealand 9: Down to Wanaka

  1. I have really enjoyed looking at your images of New Zealand.
    They have brought back memories of my trip there a few years ago.
    I have a shot of the tree in the lake at Lake Wanaka. Taken very early in the morning. Converted to Monochrome it is one of my favourite images.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for commenting Crosbyman66! I am so glad you enjoyed the photos of NZ. :-). Yes it was amazing country and I did not realize that NZ is vast country which I had never imagined so while I looked at world atlas.
      I saw your monochrome photograph of Wanaka Tree, it was stunning image with beautiful background!


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